Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reflections on 2011

2011 has been a very challenging for us. We are excited for 2012.

I wanted to take a look back at 2011....

The challenging of 2011

Diagnosis of Epilepsy

Thyroid Removal

Medical bills that we continue to pay.

The Good of 2011

A new (used) Car to us!

 An unexpected trip to Disney World to celebrate our 1 year Anniversary...

 The unexpected arrival of Sarah ...

 The birth of Miles Walter

A visit from Aunt Jill

 A new baby cousin, Paris Love Lumley

 Meeting Emily Maynard.... So pretty...

Eating Healthier, dropping weight...

2011 has brought some big challenges, but I have learned that with a little faith, patience, determination and positive attitude, things can work together for good. Although 2011 has not been a favorite year of mine, I am thankful for all the positive things that God has brought into my life. My prayer for 2012 is to be healthy and determined to start running again.
God bless and Happy New Year..

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Britt said...

There is more good than bad!