Saturday, December 3, 2011

Our "Egg"

Car shopping is incredibly stressful! I cannot even begin to describe the hours and days we spend on craigslist, autotrader,, yahoo and many other sites. I cannot begin to tell you the countless hours Drew and I sat to talk about cars.

The number of prayers I prayed about finding a car, were ridiculous! I kept praying God open the door and close the doors when things are wrong and he definitely closed many doors. Every time we would would get ready to pursue a car, figure out the math and the payments, terms of loans, interest rate and how quickly we could pay it off, the guy on the other end would say, sorry but it just SOLD!  This happened over four times...

Well, something a bit different happened this last weekend.. We (Drew) had found a 2009 Pontiac Vibe, 50700 miles, 2year Power Train Warranty... The dealership, a small one-owner Christian Dealership. Initially, Drew told me the price and I said "no."  It was $2000 over our price point...(Even though it was a good price for the car). Upon emailing the dealership, he told me he that he was actually lowering the price by $500 because he had been sitting on it.. Upon talking with him more through email, he lowered the car by another $200 for me... After sitting and talking with Drew, I said "no, I am not sure we should do this..... It is  too much and I wasn't sure I liked the color, I will keep searching for cars.".. I

All week, I spent countless hours online looking for cars that had around 50k miles and around our budget price, but I could not find anything. Actually, I found cars with 80k, 90k for $10,000!!! . OUTRAGEOUS! ( Don't get me started on Cash for Clunkers) Drew and I have been searching for a solid two months, with a few pieces of luck, but like I said, they had all "sold" by the time we were ready to buy.

 This entire week, I have been thinking about this car and emailed the dealer on a whim to see if he still had the car, sure enough he did.  He dropped the price a bit lower, so without really much thinking or hesitation I told him we would come test-drive it.It drove like heaven..

Drew and I had agreed on a certain price, so we were going to try and talk him down (DAVE RAMSEY STYLE), but after running all the number with him, he realized we needed a new plate, something I had not discussed with him.. He knew we could not go over a certain price point, so he included the plate also, which was another $120 off. I knew he would no go any lower, so we decided to go ahead with it!! Unfortunately, we could not get the price any lower, (did get the plate) but other models in the area were going for about $2.5k higher.


 So, here is our new to us " used car" and it has only 50000 miles!!! YIPPIE!

Praise the Lord for answered prayers. Now, my banks accounts are having a sad day as we paid a chunk of change down. We even babysat this evening, so that is another $40 closer to paying of the "egg" that much quicker!
Praise Jesus from whom all blessing flow!

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Andrew Storm said...

so exciting!! can't take to take our first rod trip