Monday, December 12, 2011

The Fourth Fisherman Coming to a Store near YOU

I was very excited to get an advance copy of the The Fourth Fisherman. This book will be available in March. To find out more about Joe Kissack you can go to his website found here.
The Fourth Fisherman is two stories woven fantastically into one, leaving the reader ready to turn the page. 

Author, Joe Kissack is a successful Hollywood Executive who has walked the red carpet, been a man of great wealth, success and created a reputable name for himself. However, the condition of his heart would reflect an insecure man who appears like he has it all together on the outside, but on the inside is dying, desperately searching for hope.
This books is also the story of 3 Mexican Fisherman who go out to sea in hopes of bringing in fish to end up lost at sea for over nine months drifting across the Pacific Oceans to Australia. These two stories are intertwined with grace, redemption, faith and hope.
Overall, I enjoyed this book, it is adventurous,  real life and full of mystery.

The full ending remains to be written and I  am interested to see how it ends. This story made me realize that are struggles are not wasted. They serve for a purpose bigger than us.


Unknown said...

This sounds intriguing! I see on Amazon that there's a paperback of this already out. Is this one different somehow?

Sarah said...

Yes, it is different. The ending isn't even complete in my review copy.