Monday, December 26, 2011

101 in 1001 update

101 in 1001

101 Goals in 1001 Days
I have goals for my life and I will mark the progress of these goals over the next two years. I challenge you to join me in the journey.

Start Date: March 27, 2011
End Date: December 25, 2013 

1. Finish my Social Work Limited License (4000 hours) Close to completing 2000

2. Pass my Licensure Exam
3. Get a school Social Work Job

4. Develop and Design a workbook on Anger for Kids

5. Learn photo shop
6. Blog every day for a month
7. Host a giveaway on my blog

8. Inspire someone else to do 101 in 1001 day  Check out Brittany's blog

9. Purchase a new Desktop Mac Computer

10. Organize bathroom and find a new, efficient way to store towels.  May 8, 2011

11.  Hang 5 pictures on the wall (5/5) September 29,2011

12. Keep the kitchen floor clean for 1 week

13.  Learn how to use the grill

14. Try to cook 30 new recipes (3/30) Greek Yogurt Recipe, Taco Salad, Avocada Dip

15. Cook homemade meals for every weekend for a month.

16. Organize my computer files (August, 2011, did this while Drew was one a long conversation with comcast)

17. Get rid of unnecessary items filling clutter September 20,2011

18. Go to bed at 9pm for a week straight  (November 1-7 2011)

19. Fit comfortably in a size 6  (Currently, between an 8-10)

20. Lose 30lbs (15 down)

21. Run a Marathon

22. Drink only water for 2 weeks.

23.  Inspire someone else to lose weight.

24. Get a flatter stomach

25. Eat breakfast for a week straight. (Entire Month of December 2011, this is weird)

26. Be confident in a bikini.

27. Count Weight Watchers Points faithfully for 1month
28. Finish writing my children’s book.
29. Learn how to use my Digital SLR Camera
29. Make our wedding Scrapbook

30. Buy a sewing machine.
 31. Learn how to use a sewing machine.

32. Make up my own social skill activities for 8 lessons (8/8) Completed  June 1, 2011

33.  Send 30 cards to people expectantly (7/30)

34.Rent/ Watch 50 new movies (21/50
Despecable Me
The Back up Plan
Christmas in Wonderland
How do you know?
Christmas Cottage
Grown Ups
Denis the Menace Christmas
Christmas Dogs
It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown 
Mall Cop 
Old Dogs 
Life As We Know it 
Call Me Mrs. Miracle
Spooky Buddies
On Strike for Christmas
The Gift of the Magi
Just Go with It
Just Wright
Little Fockers
Morning Glory
New Years Eve

35.Go to the Library 1x a month for 6months (5/6 March 26, 2011, April 22, 2010, May 6, 2010, June 6, 2011, July 18, 2011, August 5, 2011)

36. Try 5 new restaurants

37. Go to a Hockey Game

38. Go on a date with Drew each weekend for a month (0/4) (December 2011)

39. Stay home for entire weekend without leaving

40. Read 100 new books (12/100)
1. Life without Limits
2. Love at Last Sight
3. Chocolate Diaries
4. Max on Life
5. Unleashed
6. Sister Chicks Sombreros
7. Departures, Sierra Jensen and Christy Miller
8) A Cowboys Touch
9. Leaving- Karen Kingsbury
10. Learning- Karen Kingsbury
11.  The Christmas List
12. The Accidental Bride

41. Read my Bible every day for a month

42. Read “1000 Gifts”
43. Pray together with my husband at least 2 nights a week for a month.

44. Go on a girl’s vacation with Rachel & Mom (Great Wolf Lodge July 2011)

45. Have professional pictures taken of Drew and I 1x every year (0/3)

46. Meet 5 new people

47.Play a board game Candy Land- Connor & Sidney September 2011

 48. Go on a family vacation with my parents

49.Go to a museum

50. Go snorkeling with fish

51. Go to 5 different states 1/5(Flordia 2011)

52. Go out of the country

53. Take a Cruise

54. Send Children’s Book to Publishers

55. Cook out of a cook book for a week

56. Pay off three more student loans (Would like to become completely debt free at somepoint)

57. Stick to a monthly budget for 6months

58. Buy Curtains for our living room Bought them and returned them. Decided it looked better with out curtains. May 18, 2011

59.Build a Snowman

60. Call in Sick to work (not to be sick, but just to take the day off)

61. Go to a Bingo hall and play Bingo

62. Buy and re-read a book from my childhood

63. Visit a Zoo

64. Organize my book shelf  (April 2010)

65. Buy a new car( new to me, can be used) Bought our 2009 Vibe

66.  Buy a lottery ticket for fun (December 2011)

67. Read 4 self helps books

68. Sleep a week straight without getting up in the middle of night (July 6-13, 2011)

69. Cut and Color my hair (August, 2011)

70. Organize my scrapbooking supplies  (April 18, 2011)

71. Stop biting my nails

72. Paint my fingernails 1x a month for 6months (March 18, 2011, April 22, 2011, May 8, 2011, June 6, 2011, July 5, 2011, August 1, 2011))

73. Buy new lipstick

74. Wear makeup for a week straight  (Oct 5-12,2011)

75. Clean up my language

76. Go Christmas Caroling

77. Stop being critical of myself

78. Get Life Insurance (Bought Drew Life Insurance,  I cannot buy life insurance due to my medical history.

79.  Give my blog a transformation ( April 9, 2011)

80. Get a diagnosis for my passing out episodes (June 2011, Seizures)

81. Go Ice skating

82. Keep my email inbox to 0 emails

83.  Complete my “Wreck this Journal”

84. Complete a coloring book

85.  Do a random act of kindness for 10 people (2/10, March 26, 2011- Huge Tip for Waitress at Fridays, Tip for Waitress at Applebees December 2011 )

86. Finish a 1000 jigsaw puzzle

87.  Fly a Kite

89.  Get my picture taken with Santa

90.  Get a new cell phone (June 2011)

91. Make Monkey Bread

92.  Paint on a Canvas (May 4, 2011)

93. Visit Disney World (July 2011)

94.  Make a family Tree

95. Go to a Casino

96.  Learn to French Braid

97. Donate $1 to Charity for each item I do not complete on this list

98.  Buy an expensive camera lens

99. Change my name

100.  Have a pampered chef party ( May 6, 2011)

101. Give up candy for a month ( as I am eating a bowl full of jelly beans at the moment)


Kelly said...

Oh, You make me feel soooo lame! I have got to set a goal...just one!

Sarah said...

You are not lame! Set one goal at a time... I just have large bucket lists... One goal at a time and you will accomplish a great deal! Do not be discouraged, but be encouraged!