Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Taking it Easy

Well, it's true! I only have half of a thyroid left. Surgery seemed to take forever. I wasn't really nervous, but more anxious about the whole processing of getting there and then waiting for it to happen. When I arrived, I had a crew of people waiting for me during surgery and then they returned later on last night.. It was great to have a ton of visitors.

 My throat is very sore and I am trying to save my voice. I am starting to eat normal foods again! Thank goodness! You can only eat some many jello's and puddings before you want to hurt someone. I am very tired still. I apologize if I haven't called you or returned your phone calls. I am very tired still and getting on my computer is taking a lot of energy. 

I appreciate all of your cards, balloons, flowers and 
cards! Thank you so much! Will update soon!
For now, I will rest! Love you,

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Andrew Storm said...

Good thing you can start eating kind of normal foods, because Jello and Pudding for Thanksgiving would be lame!