Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Story of your life

Recording artist, Matthew West invited people to share their stories with him as he spent two months in cabin. His intentions were to write a new album, but little did he know that his intentions would also allow him to write a book.

He asked people to send him their life stories, in hopes of using their story for his music. He received over 10,000 responses from twenty different countries. 

After his time in Tennesee, he was at a conference and shared his experience with author, Angela Thomas. Angela Thomas is well know for her best selling book, "Do you think I am beautiful?" Angela told Matthew he needed to write a book about these stories. So the two began work on this beautiful project. This book is composed of 52 stories, from ordinary individuals who God has taken and made whole. 

One story that touched my heart and will touch yours is the story of Eric. Eric, 24 years old killed Meagan and Lisa as a result of drunk driving. Both girls were only twenty years old.  All three families were devastated by the accident. But the story doesn't stop here. Lisa and Meagan's family chose to forgive Eric. They even appealed to have his 22-year prison sentence reduced to 11 years. Meagan's father has gone around the country to tell teenagers about forgiveness and the reason for this is because Eric accepted Christ as a result of the Meagan and Lisa.  What a powerful message!

This book will bring tears to your eyes and will capture your soul.

What is your story? How do you want to share your story with others? How is God using your story? 

Thank you to Harvest House Publishers for allowing me to review this book. You can find more information about this book and other books by going to here!

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