Monday, November 14, 2011

I spy

Did you grow up loving " I spy" books or "Where's Waldo?"

I made an " I spy" bottle for my angry kids at school.  I used rice and a coke pop bottle. I filled it was random things I could find around the house like paper clips, flowers, buttons,  Tigger figurine, penny, fake money, letters, and other scrapbooking things. I love it! It was such a cheap make and I know my kids will love it!! You make your own "I spy" too for a Christmas gift.


sofia said...

hi Storm! this is such a good idea! I will definitely remember it for when I have my own classroom. :)

how is everything going? I miss you and Robyn and Heidi, and I hope all is well! Say hi to the kids for me :D

Sarah said...

I miss you!!! How are you? Just had some Biggby Carmel Marvel and thought of you! Everything is going well, a little nuts, but good.. Heidi has some very challenging kiddo's this year.. How are you? Will tell them "hi"..
Hugs friend!