Friday, November 11, 2011

Christian Counseling

As a social worker, I value this book so much! I believe anyone who works with people, should own this book. 

This Encyclopedia has wide variety of topics varying from how to deal with disorders to different types of counseling theories. It has a biblical approach, but has a wealth of knowledge and could be used in a non-christian environment.  This book also can be used for an individual who is just learning about counseling. I love that it has topics on skills like communication dealing with non-verbal, modeling, reflecting, using open-ended questions, role playing and visualization. This book has been very good for me to go back and read. In my masters degree program I learned about many of topics presented in this Encyclopedia, but this has information on Pre-Marital, Marriage and Family counseling, which I am not very familiar with. 

Also, this book contains a great deal of information on legal issues such as confidentiality, informed consent, Self care, burn out, documentation, records, continuing education, and research methods.
I love this book! This is a resource that I would never get rid of it. It has a wealth of information in one place. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS!!! 
Thank you to Harvest House Publishers for allowing me to review this book. You can find more information about this book and other books by going to here!

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