Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Checking In

I thought I would post about some social skills activities that I do in our REI classrooms. Since my blog is a big online archive, I thought it would be helpful to remember for when I get real School Social Work job.
First, I wanted to post about our Check-in system. I work with students who typically have a difficult time controlling their anger and have explosive behaviors such as hitting, swearing, throwing things, punching things, people, ect.  Since our program is a regional program, our students come from area surrounding districts and can have bus rides as long as 40 minutes.

I developed a check-in system for our students because you never knew how the student woke up at his or her house. You never know who was at home in the morning or who wasn’t.  You never know if the student got on a fight with his or her parent. You never know how the student is going to enter the school building.
My check-in system allows the student to check in, but not be required to verbalize their frustration, unless of course they want to tell a teacher.
On the top column is …..
Cool as a Cucumber (stands for being calm, cool, non-aggravated)
Middle Melon ( Not cool, but not angry, just in the middle)
Hot as a tomato (Angry, ready to explode)
Each student gets a ticket for school store when they check in, so most of them do it every day.
 (classroom reward system)

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