Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

On Black Friday, Drew and I went to Kohl's and what a mistake that was. It was crazy busy! I made the mistake of not purchasing the items I wanted online before they sold out, so out to the store we went! It was crazy busy. The check-out line was wrapped around the store. It was crazy nuts! We waited in line for about two hours, but slept comfortably on our new foam pillows! They are beautiful! They are so cozy! I am glad we waited in line for them and then I bought a cozy comfy snowman blanket!
Happy Black Friday shopping! Good luck on finding some deals!
What good deals you get for Black Friday?

1 comment:

Andrew Storm said...

hA! it was crazy, but well worth it. plus, it was fun seeing all the holiday shoppers in a frenzy.