Sunday, October 16, 2011

Secrets for Confident Living

Lets be honest, in our culture women lack a confidence because the media portrays us in a image that we will never live up to. We constantly compare ourselves to others because we feel inadequate. Karol Ladd, author of "A woman's secret for confident living" challenges us to a different view of the way God made us uniquely. Embraced in biblical truth, this book offers hope, confidence and practical ways to be the confident woman God has called each of us to be. 

The confidence that we need doesn't come from the outside, but rather from the inside. I have struggled with a lack of confidence in who I am, but confidence is skin deep, not just appearance. Overtime, appearances will change, but if your heart isn't grounded in a deep relationship of knowing Christ, than you will always lack confidence. When you know who's child you are, your purpose, beauty and why you were created, you will walk with confidence because you know why you were created.  The book includes questions, prayers and practical advice about becoming a confident woman in Christ.

Karol Ladd has written over 20 books and is such a great author. This book is rooted in the knowledge of Colossians  and will help you in your journey to become a confident woman!

Thanks to Harvest House for allowing to me to review this book.  They did not compensate me for a positive review.

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