Saturday, October 15, 2011

Homecoming 2011

I cannot believe how grown up my sister is.... It is really unreal....
Can she really be this mature?
I look her sometimes and think... she is more mature than I am..

 Rachel's date, Justin.. A nice kid... aka.. DON Jaun
 She has lost a lot of weight too... About 20+ pounds.. Her dress looked great on her.. She was so excited to go.. I can't wait to hear all of her dance stories... My little sister, isn't so little anymore.. She has turned into a beautiful grown woman..


KelseyJ said...

I love that you and mom are wearing coats and scarves and Rach has a strapless dress! ha! Gotta love MI!

The Heart of the Matter said...

Crazy huh??? Only in MI can it be 80 degrees one day and the next 40 with high winds.