Thursday, September 1, 2011

What Im Reading: Plugged in Parenting

Author , Bob Waliszewski wrote this great book called “Plugged In Parenting.” This book is all about how parents find themselves between their kids and a culture that breeds an ever growing media driven society for children. Parents want to be able to protect their children from bullying, sexual content, texting, profane language and violence, but this culture allows children to get anything at their finger tips.  This is an awesome book for parents. I highly recommend it! It allows parents to understand how to connect to media and allows great discussion between parents and children. 

I think this book will make parents aware of how much screen time their kids are having and will allow them to have an open discussion. It makes many valid points on different types of Media and how parents need to be actively aware of what their child is watching, listening and seeing. This book is parent friendly and written with godly concepts in mind. The book also helps you navigate unchartered waters such as dealing with schools when they show a movie that you do not want your student to see. He gives advice for both the parent and child. Bob does this with many other topics that arise. This book is great and allows for an open discussion between parents, children and God about making appropriate entertainment options.

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