Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Storm has a good cry with Katrina

I really miss my little birdie, Katrina.. I miss our Chicken Runs and I miss our good talks in person. I miss our crying fests in Muffitt 4 and Delta! I miss her encouragement and fun humor, I miss watching 7th Heaven and Full House on Saturdays. What I would give to spend a weekend with her doing all of the things we used to do.  This evening I had a great conversation with her on the phone. It's ironic even though she lives in St. Louis and I live in Michigan, I feel like we are only across campus from one another, yet I know this not to be true. I think because in my heart I feel very close to her, yet we are so far away geographically. This evening I had a good cry fest with her. I admit I am not much of a crier, but life has thrown many curve balls this past year that I simply feel ill prepared for and thankfully I have had a little birdie to cry on.
I feel like I am at the end of my rope and Katrina helps me see it's not the end of the rope that is my problem, but to simply live in the journey. The journey is hard and I feel like I have been forgotten, but Katrina has reminded me that she has not forgotten me and neither has God. No matter how I feel right now, God has not forgotten me! I need to live in that truth.
I am not forgotten, even though I think I have been.


KelseyJ said...

That Katrina...she's a good one! :) You're definitely not forgotten, friend! Love you much!

KelseyJ said...

Two thumbs up to the new banner! :)