Sunday, September 25, 2011

Art made from Storms

Living in the Grand Rapids, Michigan has many different perks, but one perk is ART PRIZE! If you aren't familiar with ART PRIZE, well let's get you acquainted. Art Prize is an open art competition, which gives away the world's largest art prize ($250,000) and the contest is decided solely on the public vote.

It usually runs about three weeks and many different art pieces are found through the city of Grand Rapids. It it a free community event which draws tens of thousands of people in a weekend. 

Luckily, my husband works for the the best news station in town, which adds bonus perks for us. We were able to park in a prime location for free. The station has a venue set up downtown where they are airing live and he is in charge of it.. 

We spent a good four hours downtown and we still did not see all of the art, but here are a bunch of neat ones!

 The United States made out of frying pans.. One of my favorites!

Cascade is a large site-specific interactive sculpture comprised of thousands of unwanted CD's, motion-responsive sound and light. Upon investigation, a fusion of sound, light and refracting color will create a visually symphonic experience!

Rain is a kinetic sculpture using 7600 squares of silver leaf on polyester film. The squares are suspended within a 10 ft. cube of space and move with ambient air currents.

Love this one.. Brings me back to my child hood... Lots of TOYS! Reminds me from a Toy Story scene..
 Love him! He is the best and took me on a great city tour.. I get lost in GR...

Love Color....

The art was really neat.. I think I need another weekend down there to see more!!


KelseyJ said...

Dave & I went downtown last night with some friends from church. Went to the GRAM and Amway and down Monroe Center. Felt like we only got a small glimpse, though...can't wait to go back! :) WOOD TV has a pretty nice set up there. Lucky Drew!

Andrew Storm said...

Ha. Had fun too. One point of criticism: that picture makes me look old... or perhaps... that's just how I look :( Yay wrinkles.

Sarah said...

Kelsey, glad you had fun! The WOOD tv set isn't bad.. Drew is there everyday running the show :)