Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The storm who has multiple seizures

Today has been a very challenging day. 

I had two seizures at home.
Three seizures at work.

Drew came to work and picked me up.. Talk about embarrassing.. My co-workers were demanding that I go home, but I did not want too.. Drew and I simply need the money to pay for the medical expense. It's ridiculous, really! I ended up going home after a big long embarrassing discussion at school..

Drew wanted to go to the ER, but I said lets call my neurologist and see what he recommends... Instead of taking my medication 3x a day, I will now be taking it 6x a day... I will be in complete comatose from the meds. They already made me super tired and either over hungry or not hungry at all. I either want to eat the entire kitchen or puke as I walk past the kitchen. It is a weird bizarre thing...

The doctor also told Drew these seizures could be stressed induced, so the best thing to do is remain calm...

Drew and I could use your prayers as we seek the best for my health, our financial situation and our peace of mind.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Art made from Storms

Living in the Grand Rapids, Michigan has many different perks, but one perk is ART PRIZE! If you aren't familiar with ART PRIZE, well let's get you acquainted. Art Prize is an open art competition, which gives away the world's largest art prize ($250,000) and the contest is decided solely on the public vote.

It usually runs about three weeks and many different art pieces are found through the city of Grand Rapids. It it a free community event which draws tens of thousands of people in a weekend. 

Luckily, my husband works for the the best news station in town, which adds bonus perks for us. We were able to park in a prime location for free. The station has a venue set up downtown where they are airing live and he is in charge of it.. 

We spent a good four hours downtown and we still did not see all of the art, but here are a bunch of neat ones!

 The United States made out of frying pans.. One of my favorites!

Cascade is a large site-specific interactive sculpture comprised of thousands of unwanted CD's, motion-responsive sound and light. Upon investigation, a fusion of sound, light and refracting color will create a visually symphonic experience!

Rain is a kinetic sculpture using 7600 squares of silver leaf on polyester film. The squares are suspended within a 10 ft. cube of space and move with ambient air currents.

Love this one.. Brings me back to my child hood... Lots of TOYS! Reminds me from a Toy Story scene..
 Love him! He is the best and took me on a great city tour.. I get lost in GR...

Love Color....

The art was really neat.. I think I need another weekend down there to see more!!

What I'm Reading: The Love and Respect Exeperience

I own Eggerichs book, Love and Respect, which I recommend if you have never read. It has a lot of great information on how the woman needs love and the husband wants her respect. The Love & Respect Experience is simply from his previous work. He has taken the information from Love and Respect and compacted it into a devotional.

This devotional is easy to understand and read. It has clear content. Eggerichs says it for the husbands who do not want to feel “forced or overwhelmed”, but rather to provide and produce closeness that wives yearn for. The book has 52 different devotions which are about two pages in length. Each devotion includes a Bible Verse, insight, prayer and actions points. You might wonder why only 52 devotions? Well, research shows the average marriage does not have time to read 360 devotions a year together. This once a week strategy is perfect for the average married couple. In addition, the reader is provided with discussion questions.

Eggerichs urges couples to read separately throughout the week and then come together and discuss what one has read. He says this will help decrease the awkwardness that happens when couples read it aloud.

This devotional is leather bound and would be great for the newly married couple or the couple that has been together for twenty years.  This would serve as a great gift or a companion to Love and Respect.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Look at this cute baby

I cannot believe Andrea is a mommy! It is so weird! It is weird to have friends that are pregnant or having babies. When did I become an adult and when did my friends grow up??? It is surreal!  

Andrea sent me a bunch of pictures of Miles! I thought I would share some! They are so sweet!! 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

So excited to be disappointed

I was so excited about this tree skirt. It is the first Mickey Tree skirt that I found and was adorable. Drew and I decided this could be my Christmas present, but after we got in the mail this week, well it was disappointing. The quality was horrible and the snowflakes look like iron-ons.. So sad...  I was bummed. The tree skirt goes back.. Now we will have our "fun money" or my Christmas money... I wanted to post it this earlier, but this week has a been a tearful week..

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Remember Andrea?

Remember my sweet Andrea? Guess what??? Last week Wednesday, September 7, Andrea had her baby boy!! She named him Miles Emmanuel Walter! So excited! I have not got to see this little hunny yet.. Andrea has been quite busy and is trying to get used to being a mommy...
Look at this sweet little guy!! He looks so yummy!! I cannot wait to meet him!
Happy 1 week old Miles!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

So you had a bad day...

 So you had a bad day....  It's true.. Had a bad day... This is my sad face... My students today have been a handful. One student in particular is not a good fit for our program. Intellectually, I believe he is the age of a 4 year- old and has no idea what is going on in our classroom. It's like we speak a different language. I have had a lot of frustrations and have been upset about this particular student. I believe he is not the right fit for our program and will gain absolutely no skill from us. My patience is thin, especially when I know he doesn't fit. I pray a lot for my personal patience and that the right decisions to move him will be made. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to make those calls, but I know someone who fits the description. I know he is a provider, healer and can move mountains. Might trust continues to be in HIM! Without HIM, I do not think I could have the patience every day to deal with this frustration.
 And then I arrived home and immediately had a happy face... Why?
My Disney Christmas Tree Skirt has arrived... Makes me excited for the holidays.. Will post more pictures of it later... But for now, glad to have a small piece of happiness...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remember 911

Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot shape the foundations of America. Today, I remember not only those who lost their lives in the World Trade Centers, not only those who took down Flight 93, but the heroes stories that were untold.

Drew and I spent some time at the “Healing Field”, which is 911 Memorial for all those accounted and unaccounted who lost their lives in the attacks. Each individual flag represented a perished victim of this horrific day. Attached to every flag was a name, a story, where they had been and the loved ones they had left behind. During our time reading each individual flag, we learned about many different heroes that had some amazing stories. One story that stuck out in my mind was of a man who worked at the World Trade Center Tower 1. His wife received several calls from co-workers saying he had gotten out of the Trade Center Safe, but kept going back in for more people. He never made it out. I think of the 69 year- old woman who took her first flight on 93 after saving up for years and never having the opportunity to get on another… We read a story about a 4 year-old girl who was also on flight 93.
The stories that Drew and I read about the 2977 people who lost their lives are amazing. However, we believe more perished that day, but our unaccounted for.  911 has forever changed America and has left an imprint on us all. 

I remember.. Second hour, sophomore year, history class...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cannot Sit on the Sidelines....

I always feel like I am waiting for tomorrow....

Do you ever feel like that???

Maybe tomorrow you will start over? Maybe you will start that work out routine tomorrow? Maybe you will make a conscious choice to eat healthier or talk to your love one's tomorrow... It always seems like we put off things for tomorrow. I am so guilty of this. I always think tomorrow is going to change me...  

Can I share someone who isn't waiting for tomorrow??? My Uncle Curt is running for the U.S. Senate in Texas!!!! Can you believe that?? He isn't waiting for our government to pick up the pieces, instead he is trying to take a stance in seeking change.. He isn't waiting for tomorrow or for this economy to change, he is making a difference now. I am so proud of him!!!  You can check out his website here!!!!!

If you could add him and his family to your prayers.... He believes that God is calling him to this... He isn't waiting for tomorrow... He is answering the call...

What is God calling you to do today?

What are you putting off for tomorrow? Don't sit on the sidelines... He's made you for so much more than sitting on the sidelines..

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Storm has a good cry with Katrina

I really miss my little birdie, Katrina.. I miss our Chicken Runs and I miss our good talks in person. I miss our crying fests in Muffitt 4 and Delta! I miss her encouragement and fun humor, I miss watching 7th Heaven and Full House on Saturdays. What I would give to spend a weekend with her doing all of the things we used to do.  This evening I had a great conversation with her on the phone. It's ironic even though she lives in St. Louis and I live in Michigan, I feel like we are only across campus from one another, yet I know this not to be true. I think because in my heart I feel very close to her, yet we are so far away geographically. This evening I had a good cry fest with her. I admit I am not much of a crier, but life has thrown many curve balls this past year that I simply feel ill prepared for and thankfully I have had a little birdie to cry on.
I feel like I am at the end of my rope and Katrina helps me see it's not the end of the rope that is my problem, but to simply live in the journey. The journey is hard and I feel like I have been forgotten, but Katrina has reminded me that she has not forgotten me and neither has God. No matter how I feel right now, God has not forgotten me! I need to live in that truth.
I am not forgotten, even though I think I have been.

What I'm Reading: The Grace of God

Andy Stanley, author of Enemies of the Heart just released a book called “The Grace of God.” This book is a book we could all use in our lives.  Andy Stanley give clear scripture based approach on Grace. Andy uses a number of stories and people from the Bible to explore the grace of God. In many of these stores and scriptures we find how God has given an abundance amount of Grace to those who has sinned against God. 

This book continues to reinforce the idea that God doesn’t care about what we do for him, (are works), but about who he is. Many of us put an emphasis on how much we tithe, pray, read our Bible, attend church, ect.. These things are all good and important to the Christian faith, but God doesn’t want legalism and works-based faith, he wants our heart and want us to know him. He is a God of grace, love and compassion. 

While I enjoyed this book, I believe it isn’t for the serious Christian wanting to grow deeper. I believe it is for someone new to the faith struggling with faith and works. Also, I believe Stanley focuses too much of this book on man and not on the mystery of God.  Grace isn’t just about humans, it’s a gift from God, but  its for his Glory, not ours. I think this book could be misinterpreted by new Christians. I think is a good reminder, but it wasn’t as good as I expected it to be.

This book was provided to me through booksneeze. This is my honest review and I was not compensated for it.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


The word to describe the large pit in my stomach.
The word that describes the scrambling that happens in my brain when things don't work out the way I plan.
The word the describes the sweating palms and wringing of my hands.

I am nervous for a lot of things. I am nervous about the Ultrasound I had done on my thyroid Friday. I am anxiously awaiting the results. 

Nervous: I am not ready to start back to school when I don't feel right. I dont feel healthy. I feel sick, all the time. I mentally try to get myself prepare myself in the hopes that this is all very mentally, but I am equally aware that it isn't mental. Something is wrong. Even on meds, something doesn't feel right. I dont want to feel this way forever... I pray a lot... God will heal me whether in this life time or in the next, he will heal me, but when will the healing happen? Sigh..

Trust. I must trust him. Even in the transition of life, we serve a God who is unchanging. He will walk with me no matter how big or small the transition, but the pit in my stomach is still nervous...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

What Im Reading: Plugged in Parenting

Author , Bob Waliszewski wrote this great book called “Plugged In Parenting.” This book is all about how parents find themselves between their kids and a culture that breeds an ever growing media driven society for children. Parents want to be able to protect their children from bullying, sexual content, texting, profane language and violence, but this culture allows children to get anything at their finger tips.  This is an awesome book for parents. I highly recommend it! It allows parents to understand how to connect to media and allows great discussion between parents and children. 

I think this book will make parents aware of how much screen time their kids are having and will allow them to have an open discussion. It makes many valid points on different types of Media and how parents need to be actively aware of what their child is watching, listening and seeing. This book is parent friendly and written with godly concepts in mind. The book also helps you navigate unchartered waters such as dealing with schools when they show a movie that you do not want your student to see. He gives advice for both the parent and child. Bob does this with many other topics that arise. This book is great and allows for an open discussion between parents, children and God about making appropriate entertainment options.