Monday, August 15, 2011

What I'm Reading: Waiting for Morning

I used not to be a fan of Karen Kingsbury because of all the attention her books receive. I wanted to be different and try other fiction books by different authors that had not yet been discovered. I soon realized after reading a few of her books, I really enjoy them and the message each one gives to the reader.. I had the opportunity to review "Waiting for Morning."
" Waiting for Morning" is a heart breaking store about a woman, Hannah who is trying to survive the loss of her husband, Tom and her daughter, Alicia. Her other daughter, Jenny was seriously injured too in the drunk driving accident, which ultimately took the lives of her husband and daughter, Alica. Hannah becomes very involved with making sure the drunk drive is convicted, but realizes that Jenny desperately needs attention and affection too. Jenny is also grieving the loss of her sister and father. Jenny becomes so desperate for attention and no longer wants to live, that she tries to commit suicide as a result of her own her grief and depression. At this point, Hannah realizes that Jenny is deeply suffering too and needs Hannah to help her through this awful time in their lives.

I believe this book has a powerful message not only for adults, but teenagers too. This book is inspiring, heartbreaking and gives a powerful message. This book is a reminder that life is short and at any time, something precious can be taken away from us. It is also a good lesson in forgiveness, which is something that I currently am working through in my own life.

I love this book and believe you will too..... 

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