Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Storms Free Jeans

I love free.. Anything free! You give, I will try it.

I was selected to be part of an Old Navy Sampling team. I was provided with an in store coupon to try a free pair of jeans. I was also provided a coupon for a friend.. Old Navy has dozen of different styles of jeans this season. I recommend checking them out. I decided on the slim flare jeans with pockets in the back. Most of their jeans come in light, medium and dark blue, which is great. 
                                              This is the front of the jeans... They feel very comfortable.

The back of the jeans have pockets.. This is my favorite part.. Love pockets on jeans. These pants retail for $36.94..

I highly recommend stopping into Old Navy for some jeans. .If you need new jeans, Old Navy has many different styles and colors to fix the needs of everyone!

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KelseyJ said...

And who's the lucky friend?? :P

Yay for great deals! We should get together before school starts!