Saturday, August 6, 2011

Storm's 10 Day Challenge Day #3

Eight Fears:

Thinking about my fears, has me at such anxiety.. 

I fear......

 Drew is going to die before we have a life insurance policy..


I am pregnant. I always am afraid of that..

I am not likeable. I think people really don't like me or I haven't earned their friendship. I am fearful my friends will find out that I am not really that nice of a friend..

That I have something on my face or in my teeth and no one has the guts to tell me.

I am fearful of the mirror. It usually reminds me of a image I hate..

I don't serve God well and I don't spread the good news. I am afraid of rejection.
I don't speak up for myself. I am afraid people will not like me when I say "no." I am afraid my opinions are not "smart" enough or that I am not "good' enough.

 I am fearful my seizures will take away my drivers license and independence.


KelseyJ said...

So...before reading the beginning of this post, my eye jumped right to the line "I am pregnant." Almost had a heart attack! lol That would be pretty exciting, though! ;)

Sarah said...

HAHA.. Sorry Kelsey! Didn't mean to scare you... That would be pretty scary.. hahah..