Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Storm says see ya soon!

Ever since I was a little girl......

 I've had a very special relationship with my Aunt Jill. Once in a while you stumble across a person who is a special gift. She is a special gift, in my life and has been since I was young. As a young child, she would always come every summer or every other summer to spend time with my brother and I. I was the only niece at the time and very spoiled, I might add. She has always been a spiritual mentor and a great aunt! I have very fond memories and have been always able to get advice from a friend and parent perspective.
When she married Uncle Dana, she married Gold! During the summer before they actually started dating, I had the opportunity after high school graduation to spend a week with her. She had lost her job and it was perfect timing for me / her. During that time she was on a low in life, just had gotten out of a difficult situation and was looking on moving forward. During that time we had talked about boys and husbands, ect. I had just finished reading books by Eric and Leslie Ludy. I told her to read " When Dreams Come True" by Leslie Ludy and how God would bring Dana into her life if it was meant to be. (They had been slowly communicating over email, he was a previous boyfriend). He lived in Georgia, she lived in Texas. During that summer they continued to connect over the net and I began stalking him on this.  I wanted to know who this guy was and what his intentions were with my Aunties!

I had the privileged of getting to know him on a trip to Florida. He is a very sweet man, with a heart of gold. He loves my Aunt so much and he is such a devote Christian Man. I pray for him all the time. One thing we both have in common, is trying to lose weight. Ever since I have known him, he has lost and gained weight. I do the same thing. Gain and lose. It is such a battle, but right now he is winning the battle. My Aunt says he has been losing lots of weight! Keep it up Uncle Dana!! Proud of you buddy! 
They are married now! They have two wonderful baby twins and are expecting another blessing!
 I love this little hunnies.. . They have changed so much since the wedding!

 She was up in Michigan for a few days. We had  lots of adventures on our way home from Ludington. First, we were starving and she is pregnant! Eating for two is a must! So, if we were hungry, she was starving! We stopped for some ice cream. On our way home, it kept pouring buckets of rain. At one point, we were completely stopped on the highway because we could not see the road, plus she was dealing with a rent-a-car wipers.. Rent-a- cars are always a challenge, especially when you are learning the functions of them. Every car is completely different. We had a lot of laughs on our trip home. I will remember that car ride.. We also had a lot of beauty talks last night and she gave me words of wisdom for my ever so thin hair! 

Today, she left to head back to Georgia. I always have a difficult time saying "goodbye" and even now  as I type this, my eyes well up with tears. She is a very special person to me. She has helped me through so much! Difficult times in high school, preparing me for college, planning a surprise 25th wedding party for my parents, helping with the wedding planning and just being a supportive person. I love her and am sad to see her go, but I am reminded that I will see her soon! 

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