Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A bargain hunting we will go!

As most of you know, I love Goodwill or any good bargain hunting for that matter.. I coupon and bargain like it's my job! Why pay more for things, when you can get them FREE!!! 

I went Goodwill hunting Monday and Tuesday and scored some pretty sweet steals that I am excited to share...

Steal #1
This cozy green fall jacket.. Yum! Looking at it makes me ready for fall... I must say this bargain was a bit more then I would usually pay for an item at Goodwill. I was on the fence about this, but after some convincing from my mother, I decided to purchase it for $12.99. It is a great condition, looks hardly worn and is very cozy!

Bargain #2
This shirt is so cute! It goes really well with a black pair of pants or skirt. Actually, I wore it for my open house at school, yesterday! It is very cool, cozy and cute! Cheap too! $3.29

Bargain #3

This is by far my favorite bargain. I love the Peanuts gang! I own almost every Peanuts Holiday Movie.. I love watching this show. I even have a daily dose of them on my desk calendar. They always provide me with a minute full of roaring laughter. I was so excited to spot this shirt. I had been wanting a Peanuts shirt for sometime, but couldnt find myself to pay the price of $19.99.. I was luckily enough to pay $3.29 and couldn't have been more excited!
I love bargain shopping! What kind of bargains have you been finding?

Monday, August 29, 2011

What I'm Reading: For Women Only in the work place

Shaunti Feldhahn is the Best- Selling author of “For Women Only.” The book is all about how men think in the work place. The book is very insightful about the expectations and perceptions of men at work. Whether you work in a small business, large business, ministry or any work place, you will find this book to valuable. This book helps distinguish for a female what is business, not personal, which is sometimes for women to understand. Feldhahn has spent over eight years researching and surveying to understand men and  the way they deal with their work.

Two chapters I really appreciate in the book are “How Men View Emotions at work and The Hidden Fear that Drives Men at Work.” These two chapters are very insightful and provide a lot of details on these two subjects. As a woman, I view things completely different and this book made me very aware of how women say and do things that shoot themselves in the foot. It also made me realize how women play a huge role in the workplace. 
This book even includes discussion questions in the back of the book and would be great for a bible study.

This book was interesting, but not something that I was very interested in. I guess if I  was having problems with a male co-worker, I might seek out this book, but this isn’t typically a book I would read. It is an easy read and well written, but not my cup of tea!
Thanks Waterbrook Multnomah for this free book to review!

Epilepsy Messed with the wrong Chick!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

What I'm Reading: One Call Away

I just finished reading One Call Away by Brenda Warner, wife of Kurt Warner. I got it in the mail a week ago and read it completely in one sitting. Took me about three hours. I literally could not put this book down, it was that great. This book is a memoir by Brenda Warner of her life from birth till now. Her story accounts from the good and hard times life offers going through in great personal detail, from growing up on a farm with her parents, serving in the military, marrying, having a son with Epilepsy, divorcing, losing her parents in a Tornado and re-marrying Kurt Warner. 

I really identified in the beginning of her story when her baby son was experiencing seizures. It made me realize from a parents perspective, how scary seizures are. When I experience them, I don't realize what it looks like from the outside. I just know it makes me feel completely yucky on the inside. It also made me identify with my own epilepsy and questions I have about the possibility of ever wanting kids in the future.  

When I had the opportunity to review this book, I did not have a clue who Brenda Warner was and I probably wouldn't have purchased this book at the book store, not because it wasn't good, but because I didn't know who she was.. After reading this book, I would completely recommend this book! It is awesome!! 

She is a real person, who has gone through many struggles we can all identify with. Her story is enriching, uplifting and encouraging. She hasn't always been a millionaire and the fame has a price tag. 

This book was provided through book sneeze. This is my honest review. 

Life looks so perfect on the outside..

I need to do some major updates here... I got a lot to say... Bare with me as I empty my soul...


Really? Thanks Ultra Sound Tech. for telling me that it was gone, because clearly it wasn't, which is why I never called my office back because I thought I already KNEW the RESULTS!! UGH!! Well, looks like I have more Dr. Appointments in the future..... Yippie!

After having a visit with my neurologist (brain doc.) he recommended I go on a daily pill.. SWEET! Gotta love being diagnosed with EPILEPSY.. I feel like no-one understands and I feel so alone... I thought about seeing if I join a group... I just don't really feel like being raw about my feelings with other people... I'm a scaredy cat...

We have been house/dog sitting and have not had internet access. I apologize for my lack of updates, but what can you do? 


Well, as you know.. We HATE our student loans, this seems to be a huge topic on my blog... It is one of the reasons I blog for books, free products, coupons and promotions.. It allows me to continue on the path, to debt free life.. Drew and I are going to be attending another session of Dave Ramsey classes.. If you have never done this, I suggest going Here and checking into it. Once you pay $100 for all the materials, you get a life-time membership and can continue to take the class over and over... It gives a lot of great financial advice... .The both of us continue to feel very stressed by this debt. This has been a horrible year financially for us, especially with all this medical stuff... 


Apparently, we overpaid state taxes and got a refund of $226.00!!! Don't get super excited about this money... Instead of budgeting for life insurance over the next couple months, Drew and I are going to buy TERM life insurance policies!! If you do not have one on your spouse, I recommend it!  Go through Zander Insurance (Dave Ramey's Website) and look up term insurance. We are both getting 15 year policies with $150k for $100 a year.. Check into it!! You need life insurance! I figured the policy would cover a funeral cost, pay off student loans and allow me $$ to live on and the same thing for Drew... It is just something we don't want to have to worry about... 

To end this post.....

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Merci, Naked, Fetus

You might be wondering what the heck is this blog post about? Well, my good friend, Sarah, from Paris, has taught me and my family a great deal about the French culture. She visited last summer and came back for another summer to spend time with my family. 

She is a blast.
Tomorrow, she returns to Paris.. We are so very sad, we will lose our "Fetus"! However, she plans to visit us at Christmas!! Oh, so very excited!! Maybe next year we will go to PARIS!