Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Storm meets the Famous Emily Maynard

If you have watched the past season of the Bachelor, you know that Brad Womack fell in love with Emily Maynard, a sweet southern woman with a little girl, Rickie.

While in Disney World, I spotted Emily and Rickie. When Drew and I were walking past the Teacup ride, I passed her and did a double take because I wasn't sure, but I thought it was her because of her white teeth.  Drew told me to go check and see if it really was her, especially since she was with a Disney worker... We had to find out if it was her. We watched her get on the Teacups and then I knew it was definately her. 
Emily and Rickie on Tea Cups

 After she got off the ride, I went up to her asked if she was "Emily from the Bachelor" and wondering if she would take a picture... She said "yes" and I was star struck... Drew and I have talked about famous people being at Disney, but I have never seen someone, until this trip.

In person, she is very sweet, super pretty and so nice... It was so cool to finally meet someone famous.. Here is my picture with her...


Unknown said...

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Britt said...

woah!!! Way cool!!!! Jealous!

Anonymous said...

Ann Kristoffersen. Nice! :-)Lucky you! :-)