Saturday, July 23, 2011

Storm has a little baby Moe

 My dear Andrea is rather pregnant and glowing! She looks so beautiful and you can tell she is so excited to be a mommy!!

 I think she looks so beautiful in these pictures and she didn't know I was taking them, which is even better....  Look at the cute Belly!!

Did you know Andrea is having a boy? She will not tell anyone the name of her baby, so I call him Moe.. I know his name start's with an M... I am almost sure of this.. She won't even give me a hint, so I call him "Moe."

All of us girls... Wishing Katrina was here for this picture, but am so glad the three of us could get together with Andrea.. It was such good fellowship.. .I am so glad to see all my SAU girls!! It is so wonderful!! 

Dave, you better watch out! Kelsey really loved to hold Elijah and I think she wants a baby, so watch out... 

Erin made some yummy and beautiful cupcakes.. They were so delicious and had cookie dough in the middle of them.. Yum.. I am still thinking of how yummy they are now..

Andrea is opening baby gifts for Moe and Kelsey is her secretary.. So cute.... Love those two!! 

Happy Baby Shower Moe and we are so thrilled to see you in September. I am hoping you come out soon because Mom is starting to become uncomfortable, but when you come out, you got lots of people who will love you... So excited to celebrate "Moe" baby day!


KelseyJ said...

Can't wait to meet Moe!

Hey...could I borrow that Andy Stanley book sometime? I've listened to some of his messages online..good stuff!

Sarah said...

Sure you can borrow it!