Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Sunshine is coming, the storm is passing

What a great day! I am praising God for it.

First, got a free pedicure from AVEDA. This week they are giving teachers or school employee's a free service.. My pedicure would have normally cost $45!  Plus, I was able to get a free bottle of nail polish, the expensive kind.. It was so nice and relaxing.. Refreshing for sure...

Second, I opened the mail to find an anonymous cashiers check.... I don't know who you are, but thank you and I am on a mission to find out if it was YOU! 

Two days till the start of camping vacation and then to see the mouse.. God is working everything out.. I need to trust and have faith.. AHH..

Now we gotta get Drew's job situ. figured out and life will be stable again....


KelseyJ said...

Yay for great surprises!

Where are you going camping? Dave & I thought about going, but were too late & everything was booked! :( Still not sure what we're doing this weekend.

We still need to get together sometime...why are we so bad at that??

Britt said...

how wonderful!