Thursday, June 23, 2011

Might as well continue to be knocked down

Well, since the diagnosis of being an epileptic not only is that scary itself, but I have to have an expensive ($800 + MRI out of pocket) to rule on brain tumors. If you ask me, I think I have a brain tumor, if you ask my husband, he thinks I'm nuts. 

Either way we hope to have a real answer in about a week.. Seizures can be a symptom of a brain tumor and that is why we have to have this very expensive test.. I cannot even begin to explain medically how much we have spent this year, at least $1000 for sure and now we are adding this expensive test. Also, I forgot to mention we are going on vacation in a week too.. How this seems to have perfect timing. 

My husband says "everything will be fine", but let's be real... It my mind, not everything is fine. Whether I truly have epilepsy or a brain tumor, life isn't fine right now. I am just very angry and I feel the right to be angry...

I am mad.. Pissed even.. To have a label... to possibly lose my drivers license.. I am in for a real treat or maybe my husband is.. .God grant us patience because I am about ready to lose it..

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Britt said...

wow! You're epilepsy is affecting your typing! I think you have every right to be mad! But think about all the other tragedies and sad stories we've heard about recently... and the witness that those "victims" have been to their friends and strangers that have heard their stories!