Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The word alone freaks me out. The implications of the word is enough to change people's lives. Today, I was diagnosed with Complex Partial Epilepsy Frontal Lobe. The passing out incidents are actually seizures. Drew and I were both floored with the diagnosis. 

The good news: I can be treated with medications, which will put an end to this. The bad news, well, I could lose my drivers license and we have a lot of unknowns. The neurologist did not give me a reason why this came on as an adult, again very unknown. He was not a pleasant doctor to deal with. He gave us exactly fifteen minutes, opened the door and let us out. Very awkward, unhelpful and unprofessional.

I am going to have an MRI on my brain to see if a tumor is causing the possible seizures, to find out exactly what is causing them, if their is a reason about why they are happening.  It could show a possible growth, scar or any physical reasons why the seizure is occurring. The MRI will hopefully be able to tell us where in the brain and if anything can be done or if their is a specific cause. If a specific cause is found, the seizure could be a symptom of something larger. I am a nervous ball of nerves, but for now I will be taking meds and hope to continue living life. Will keep you posted.
Prayers could be used as Drew and I are dealing with the initial shock and implications of this.


Anonymous said...

praying, sweet friend. In all this, remember you.are.His.

Britt said...


Wow!! I'm glad that they figured out a diagnosis, and I'm glad that you'll be able to get medication to help! Do you have good insurance because seizure meds are expensive! Call around for the best prices, especially if you have a deductable... Try Sams or Wal-mart, they are generally cheaper!

Let me know if you ever need good pharmacy advice! I'm you're girl!

Oooh my gooodness!