Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Surprising a Storm can be Tricky

My wonderful husband decided to throw me a "surprise" birthday party. Unfortunately, I knew about the entire party. I am a pretty hard person to surprise. I kept bugging Drew about the event and he held his game face pretty well. He did not want me to find out. 

Regardless of knowing about the surprise party, we had a great time with friends and family. We spent the day stuff our faces with cake and pizza, then off to some major competition in Go-Kart Racing. I couldn't have asked for a better time.
 So thankful for such a long time friend! It was a riot!
 I have such good parents and might I add, young ones. My dad is always reminding me that he is still young and competitive on the go-kart track.
Leslie, such a kind person, everyone needs a Leslie.

Thanks to the rest of my family and friends who also came! It was a great day, filled with lifetime memories.


KelseyJ said...

Glad you had fun! Sorry I couldn't make it...went to a camp wedding then helped Paul & Melody move to Texas! Happy (almost) Birthday! Hope to see you soon!

Unknown said...
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