Friday, May 27, 2011

Storm's Awesome Goodwill Bargains

I love Goodwill. If you have never shopped at Goodwill, you have no clue what you're missing!
This evening, I took a visit to our local Goodwill and found some awesome deals.

First, I found this Pyschotheraputic Game for Children: The Talking, Feeling and Doing game for $1.99, which will be awesome for my social work career. I found it on EBAY for $99.95!! My game is brand new and appears to have been played once. It has all the pieces and what a deal for $1.99!!
I then found some awesome books by my favorite author, Robin Jones Gunn! I am collecting "The GlenBrook Series" and I was able to buy "Wildfires and Woodlands". I paid a $1.99 for each of them and they retail at $14.99.
I also found two fun games for 99cents. One is " Go fish" and "The Lorax Game". I love small card games because they are easy to fit in my bag when I go to school. I was so excited about these, they are in such great condition. They retail for $7.95.

Finally, I found this awesome Buncha Beads kit, which are great sensory tools for kids who have sensory needs. They are good for motor skills, pattern recognition and a great distraction for angry kids. They were $1.99 and so colorful. They retail for $17.95
Such great deals! All of these items make me so excited for a real school social work position. I love my growing collection of social skill items!


Britt said...

yeah Robin's books!! I have those editions too!!! I used to have them all, and then for some reason I donated them to my church library, so I decided to buy them again, so I have 3 of that edition and then the others in the newer edition!

Sarah said...

I wished I would have got rid of my Christy Miller books. I am slowly starting to re-collect them. .They are so expensive to buy brand new. I am always excited when I find one at Goodwill