Monday, April 18, 2011

What I'm Reading: Max on Life

Have you ever had deep questions that you did not feel comfortable asking your pastor? Your best friend? Maybe a Christian mentor? Were you ever afraid you might get judged or maybe someone would look down at you for asking such though provoking questions? Have you ever done something that you haven’t told anyone because you feel  like maybe that person wouldn’t  love or accept you? Maybe you feel like God hasn’t forgiven you for a past mistake, well this book is for you!

Max Lucado, one of the single bestselling authors in the religious world has written a book that is for anyone who seeks answers to deep questions.  “Max on Life” is book that offers questions on sex, fianc├ęs, forgiveness, illness, suicide, eternity and other various topics. As humans, we crave answers to these topics and our unsettled until we find answers. This book is written in a series of letters from individuals with insightful, biblical answers from Max. I was very impressed with this book, especially with such difficult questions and such thoughtful answers. In my honest opinion, this is a book that I love and will pass on to others struggling with such difficult life questions. At some point, we have all had these questions.

This book was provided free of charge through book sneeze. They did not pay me for this review. 

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