Monday, April 18, 2011

What I'm Reading: The Chocolate Diaries

Do you love chocolate? Do you like the delicious taste every chew brings? This book is sure to lighten your mood and bring a sweet taste to your soul. This book is absolutely wonderful. It has many different stories about women and the journey we embark on whether difficult or joyful, we all experience ups and downs. This book is sure to leave you filled with laughter, joy and a sense of peace depending on your situation.  What is so neat about this book, is the chocolate recipes too. I am not a huge fan of chocolate, but I am excited to try a few of these concoctions.  This book will leaving you forgetting  about your circumstances, but will instead uplift them with a positive outlook. I love this book and think it would be a great gift for the woman in your life. It is so light hearted, practical and uplifting. I loved this book! I think I am going to get this for my mom, for Mothers Day! Enjoy the sweet life! 

This book was provided courtesy of Waterbook Press for Review. They did not pay me for this review.

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