Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fretful Storm

I worry.
Sometimes about minor things and sometimes earth shattering things.
I worry about the stability of my unstable job.
I panic thinking I won't find another, if the economy continues in a downward spiral.
I fret about draining our life savings to buy a used car (the bug is on the fritz).
I agonize about my fainting issues and no answers.
I'm anxious that we will buy a car, and then have severe medical debt because they will finally figure out what is wrong with me.
I'm troubled by the rising prices of food, gasoline, clothing, ect.
My concerns keep me up at night, losing sleep, losing life and worrying about things that I cannot change.

I wish I could change my circumstances, but it is out of my CONTROL and in God's hands, which makes things so difficult. As humans, it is our to trust what we cannot see, but to know that the creator has everything planned according to his will. I would be lying to say that I believe everything works out for good, I know it does, but I have a hard time believing what I cannot see.

I lack faith.
I lack trust.

Has he always provided in the past?
Will he provide in the future?

Why cannot I not let it go? 

Why must I question his faithfulness?


Unknown said...
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KelseyJ said...

love the new banner! :)

praying for you...

let's get together this week...what day works for you?