Monday, April 4, 2011

FREE stuff delivered to Storm

Remember when I posted about this free deal?

Well, it came in the mail and I am so excited to tell you what it came with.
 First, it came with this cute little makeup bag, which I later saw at target for $6.99! It came with some free samples of Pantene Shampoom, Nivea Lotion, Bee's Lip care, free sample of lipstick and $25 worth of coupons to use at Target on beauty supplies. I was pretty excited about this free deal will post other free deals when I find good ones. I hate spending time on freebies that are not really free..


sofia said...

I GOT MINE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 the fekkai is awesome, and so is the natural lip balm. I haven't used anything else yet. :D Enjoy, girl!

Sarah said...

Glad you are enjoying it Sofia! Hope your spring break is well!!