Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Updates to the Storm's Digs

Since Drew and I are on the path to debt free living, we do not really purchase many items for our crib. (Love that word).

We have been really NEEDING a new book shelf, but I have been to cheap to buy one. Finally, I got sick of my scrapbooks not having a shelf.  Drew is excited to start building our new book shelf.

Final product. Let me break down our savings on this beauty.

Orginal cost :29.99
Free Gift Card Courtesy of Target $20.00
Total cost $10.60 with taxes

We also needed a new floor lamp. Our apartment does not have ceiling lamps, so we have to provide a lot of light to our living room.  Our old lamp was terrible and did not provide a lot of light during the evening..

Cost $19.99
No coupons (sad face :(

And we majorly needed new bedding. .King Bedding is outrageously PRICED!!! 

We went to Bed Bath and Beyond (One of my favs). They were having a major clearance event going on.

You would not believe how expensive King sheets are!! Clearance prices $59.99.. WHAT!!!

We ended up finding this bedding set with 10pieces.
Bed Skirt
Fitted Sheet
4 Pillow cases
2 Decorative Pillows

Priced at $79.99
- 20% Purchase ( savings of 16.00)
-$22.65 gift card
-$20.00 Cash Babysitting $
Total price $25.18

It feels so nice to update things and to get them on sale, use gift cards or coupons...

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