Monday, March 7, 2011

Storms Redbox Cheap Dates

Have you ever rented from Rexbox? You know those little red boxes you see at Walgreen's, Meijer, Walmart or Kroger, they have a special secret called cheap movies! I have become addicted to Redbox.

You can reserve copies of movies online and they only cost a $1, but if you are a coupon freak like me, I have found coupon codes and so far have rented 5 movies free!! I have not paid for one single movie! 

"You Again" (Loved this movie)
"Despicable Me" (Loved this one too, so funny and cute)
" Just Wright" (Love it, and Queen Latifia is awesome)
"Ramona and Beezus ( Going to watch later today)
"Alpha and Omega" (Not really a fan.. kinda boring)

You can use the same coupon codes with different debit or credit cards. They link it up to your cards in the event that you do not return them, they have to charge you.  I am loving REDBOX! It has been a great way for us to see movies without actually going to the movies, buying them or paying for them.... LOVE IT..

Best of all, it's FREEEE!!! 

Movies I want to see 
 The Search for Santa Paws
Love and other Drugs
The Social Network
Yes Man

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