Thursday, March 24, 2011

Storm wants to live a life without limits

Have you ever sat down and ate a ridiculously divine dessert? Have you savored the taste of each bit? When you picked up the last fork full, were you completely satisfied or craving more?

Life without Limits is like eating the most ridiculous divine desert with a savory sweet taste and wanting the last page not to end. Nick Vujicic is an extraordinary man who was born without legs or arms. I cannot even begin to fathom having no arms or legs. Seriously? Imagine never being able to pick up something off the ground or the inability to walk from room to room.  Nick has triumphed over these hurdles and lives a rich life despite these obstacles.

In his book Life without Limits, Nick talks about his own personal struggles as a child and wanting to commit suicide because he was without limbs and physically different than others. His faith in God carried him through some of the darkest moments in his life. Nick is very honest and raw about his feelings, life and struggles. You feel as if he is sitting in the chair next to you, pouring out his heart and soul, as you read his book

 No matter where you are in life, this book is for you. I found myself laughing one minute and tears the next second. Nick shares in Life without Limits, several attributes to living a life filled with purpose, holding on to hope and faith, maintaining a positive attitude, stepping out courageously, be willing to accept change, become trusting of others, embrace opportunities,  developing a serving heart, and seeking/having a compete sense of purpose. Maybe you are at one of the lowest points of your life, this book is for you.  His book will bring you great joy and will encourage you to embark on a deeper journey of personal discovery, savoring every divine moment. 

Nick is the director of Life without Limbs and is an international motivational speaker.  To find out more information on Nick please visit his website

You will be inspired and encouraged as you live Life, without Limits.

Review Courtesy of Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Books. I highly recommend this book! Happy Reading.


KelseyJ said...

I almost got this at the library just the other day. Looked good...might have to pick it up next time.

KelseyJ said...

Glad it's over, but weird to have free time! Don't know what to do with myself!