Thursday, March 3, 2011

Storm, Andrea & Moe

Dear Friends,
I am writing to encourage you to pray for my wonderful friend, Andrea. Her husband is in the Navy and she is currently visiting him as he was scheduled to be docked for a month. 
However, due to the current situation in Libya, the armed forces are going in to help. Because of the bombing that is happening over there, they are sending the Navy via ships. Many people have been placed on standby for deployment. If sent out, they will be gone 7-9 months.
As many of you may or may not know, Andrea is pregnant, with MOE! ( We don't know what she is having, I just call her baby, MOE) If Timothy is deployed, she will not see him till Christmas. Her baby is due in September 10, 2011. 
Please pray for peace in Libya not only for Andrea's husband, but for the people of Libya. Also pray that Andrea will have the peace of Christ during this difficult situation, especially for her and her baby. 


Britt said...

wow, that is not cool this Lybia thing needs to end quickly!!

Sarah said...

I know and it would so sad for Andrea and baby Moe.. Prayers for peace....