Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Love Wins Storm

Drew and I have the privileged of attending Mars Hill Bible ChurchRob Bell's teachings are jaw dropping, eye opening, life inspiring messages. Rob has a great gift of communication and teaching the word of God in a new light. 

Today, Rob  releases his new book "Love Wins."  Last Saturday, I spent the entire evening reading this book cover to cover before it had been released to the public. Let me tell you something, I am very challenged by his ideas and while I may not agree with everything he says, his thought provoking questions prob me to a deeper level of questioning and understanding. The book has left me uncertain about fundamental beliefs that have been grained into my head my entire life through others.  I highly recommend this book for a challenging view on Heaven, Hell, God's Love and our calling.

The book has left me with many thoughts..

i am left with more questions
than answers.

i am left wrestling 
with my past.

Can redemption happen here
and now?

Is Gaundi in hell?

Is a prayer the only way?

Is the gate left open?

Are the first, now the last and the last, now the first?

i am left feeling uncomfortable....

Doesn't Jesus call us to be uncomfortable, uncertain, questioning questions, loving the unloved and bringing redemption here and now? 

I know for certain, I will be reading this book again and probably again. Thanks for the challenging thoughts, views and words have left my head spinning.

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