Thursday, March 10, 2011

Definately in Troubling Storms

Can I first just say... I am so frustrated and worried beyond belief!!! It is the simple things that really get my worry-some brain going.

For example, I know that God can heal my body, provide the right doctors, medication and treatment or whatever is necessary to end these passing out episodes. 

However, I am having a hard time trusting him financially to see everything through. The more I don't go to work, the less pay I receive. The less amount of money I earn, is less money out of our savings, less money paying off our debt and lots more money in doctor co-pays. Please don't  get me wrong, I am very thankful to have health insurance and a job, but as you can see, it all trickles into one giant snowball. 

I want to trust God on this..

I want to get out of debt.

I want to have a job that pays our bills.

I want to stop worrying. 

I want the grey hair to stop coming in...( for real!!)

Drew has reminded me that no matter the cards we are dealt whether good, bad or ugly we will make it through. We are in it together and we are not alone.. I just need to remember this...

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