Friday, February 4, 2011

Weary Soul

In our busy world, we forget to relax, enjoy the small quiet moments, soak up life and appreciate the value of just being.

Probably the biggest sin I commit, is being BUSY. I am such a busy body, I cannot sit more then 10 seconds to save my life. This week, I have been challenged to sit, enjoy, rest and rejuvenate my spirit. 

I have found it to be difficult at various moments during this week.

This past weekend, I spent the weekend with two of my favorite girls at Great Wolf Lodge. 

I found refreshment in laughter, small chat, enjoying each others company and getting away from the cell phones, laptops, ect. 

Wednesday, I was challenged with finding peace among the Blizzard. I was kept home all day, with no husband, no friends, just me. It can be bitterly painful to stare into one's soul and realize the dis-contentment. I try to stuff my soul with busyness, but simply it will and never satisfy my soul.

In the emptiness of my home, I was forced to reconcile with my weary and burdened soul.  I realized I stuff my life and I keep stuffing. I am always buying, finding things to check off the to do list, emailing people, babysitting, grocery shopping, washing laundry, cooking, making sure everyone else is okay, but these snow days taught me otherwise. I was forced to STAY HOME and relax, which is such a foreign idea to me. I was required to examine my life in a different light, to understand why I keep stuffing, what am I trying to hide? Am I accomplishing anything? What does all of these mean?

The sixteen inches of snow allowed me to experience deep soul refreshing moment. Spending time digging in the Bible, figuring out and learning about the beauty of the creator has created, within me. Realizing that I need to get better at saying "no" and stop being such a people pleaser, continue to maintain appropriate boundaries. I will not forget the two blizzard days, as they proved to be moments in which I was forced to re-discover me.


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