Monday, February 21, 2011

Storm's Scale Update

I have this deal with myself, which helps me from going crazy insane.
 *I am allowed to weight myself,once a week*

However, for the past two weeks, the scale at the YMCA has been broken. I have been completely lost and frustrated. Instead, I have had to rely on my sense of healthy food choices (which aren't always healthy), small portions, healthy snacking and prayer to keep me from losing my my mind, about not being able to track my weight loss progress.

This morning, I found the old broken scale replaced with a brand new one. I found myself wondering if I  should get on the scale. After all, it has been two weeks since I had stepped on the scale to find out my weight loss. 

After much debate, I decided I needed to find out if the two weeks off the scale, proved my dedication to healthy living.

I am ecstatic to report, I am 2lbs down!!! I have lost a total of 14.5 lbs as of the end of December.  

  Well, to be quite honest, I am not sure I want to admit this on my blog. I tend to make deals with myself in my head, so I told myself If I lost 22lbs................

My next goal is to lose another 7.5lbs by  March 15th..Why March 15th you're asking?  Open registration for the Disney Marathon.  I told myself if I could lose 22lbs, I would be ready to sign up for a marathon and it would prove to me, that if I could lose 22lbs, I could raise enough money to support my marathon and run it... We will see if I make the goal...

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