Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Storm who loves Bargains

As many of you, we are trying our best efforts to become "debt free." I work with emotionally impaired students and my hopes are to become a school social work at some point during my life.

I am constantly practicing my therapeutic skills and utilizing interventions to meet the needs of my students. I am in charge of planning social skills for my students and I really love it. As a bargain hunter, I am always looking for ways to minimize my dollar and maximize my lessons to help the students I serve.

Yesterday, I spent some quality time at Goodwill hoping and hunting for bargains. I was very excited with my two purchases, which totaled $1.00. These are brand NEW books!! I could not believe my luck! I cannot wait to read "Im Gonna like me" to my students. They love books by Jamie Lee Curtis, especially since she has so much humor in them.. She approaches the topics with such tact and makes the books so enjoyable to read.

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