Sunday, February 27, 2011

The storm who is "Unlocked"

I could not put "Unlocked" down by Karen Kingsbury As most of you know, I am on a journey to lose weight and while I am doing that, I read many books at the gym. As I am sweating and burning the fat, I am reading books from the library, that I can only read when I work out!!!

I started reading  "Unlocked"  a week ago and I could not stop reading it. When I wasn't working out, I was tempted to continue reading, but I told myself it was only for the gym! This book is about a young man named Holden Harris and his childhood best friend, Ella Reynolds. Holden is autistic and communicates non-verbally until he reunites with Ella who helps him communicate in a new light. Ella becomes an advocate for Holden and other students who are bullied at her high school, who appear different.

This book was such a blessing! As a person who works with children of special needs, especially some with autism, it gave me hope that the children I work with can make progress in small and large ways. It also very inspiring to me how much research Karen did when writing this books. She talked about PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) PECS , which is a particular way that many children with Autism communicate through. Basically PECS are a series of pictures, with words on them and children show them to others, in order to communicate. They use pictures to communicate words, feelings, ideas, people, ect.  I loved this book and think Karen did a great job communicating such a difficult message through Holden and Ella. 

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