Saturday, February 19, 2011

Smoking Storm Red Lipstick

I am a big believer in celebrating the small moments in life. Today, the moment I had in the dressing room was no small accomplishment. For the first time in my life, I was able to pick clothes from a female boutique store and put on whatever I wanted. 

I have never, not once, ever walked into a store like this. I have always hated what the mirror reflected. I tried on clothes today, that before this moment, you would never see me in. I describe them as "girly" clothes. I have never been able to wear the "instyle" clothes because they always looked stupid on me. I refuse to buy skinny jeans too, ew!! YUCK!  

Anyways, I commemorated my weight loss journey and dressing room moment by buying this hot little dress... 

What a great feeling to go into a store and be able to put on whatever I wanted!! Shopping is a new color to me!! Might I actually say, I could get used to this!!


Melanie Eccles said...

I am in shock and awe of you, Sarah!!! You amaze and inspire me. And DANG, do you look HOT or what???!!!

I could identify with the part that said when you were a 10 you still weren't at your healthiest possible weight. I've been stuck 10-15 pounds more than I know to be my healthiest for years and years. Do you have any advice to get those last pesky pounds to disappear for good? I exercise daily, so I'm sure the food is the issue. I make healthy choices, but eat too many snacks or cookies around meals.

Britt said...

Very cute! Where are you going to wear the hot little dress!?