Monday, January 3, 2011

Take the First Step into the Unknown Storm

As I look back on my goal post, I failed to mentioned that the underlying goal for this year was to become healthier, which is something I started earlier in 2010. As many of you know I have many trying to lose weight before the wedding and I was doing awesome.

I was running between 6-10 miles a day. Hoping to train for a marathon, cross training like a mad woman, but after the honeymoon, I needed to start looking for a job. Looking for a job became stressful and eventually I was employed full time in a school district and nannying in the evenings, which did not leave a lot of time for running. In October I started running again, but passed out on a six mile run, which left me with bloody knees and elbows. It was then that I started a series of tests and finally led to wearing a heart monitor, which I hate...  Since then, I have not really exercised, but tried losing weight by eating healthier.

Finally, I started Weight Watchers, but was awaiting for the new program to come out. Since then, I am starting my first full week on WW points plus. I am going to start posting healthy recipes that I make.

My husband and I now have a membership to the YMCA.. We have been wanting one for a while.. I really want to take a spin class.  It was super busy when we went today. Some people acquiring information on how much a membership costs, getting tours, filling out paperwork and a full parking lot.

Thankfully, we have two YMCA's in the area, so I get my pick.. I am very excited about doing weight watchers and working out.  I am hoping both of these things will lead to my weight loss goal of 30lbs. I have really struggled with weight for a while now.. I am hoping I can lose 15 by summer. 

I know exercise, eating right are important, but I also know this is something I cannot rely on my own strength, but on God. I have always struggled with my appearance and weight. Most people tell me it is the inner beauty that counts, but I have difficult time believing that in a society that thrives on the latest fad diets, millions of dollars spent on diuretics, plastic surgery and bypass surgeries. I've always struggled with this. If you know me well, you know that this has been my biggest personal challenge. Often, it paralyzes me from enjoying life, seeing my full potential, negative thoughts, unhealthy perceptions and unrealistic expectations.

I have read countless  biographies of woman who struggle too.

 I am ready for freedom. I know I was made for more.  

I need to step out and walk on the water.

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Andrew Storm said...

You're beautiful just how you are, but I support you and join you in trying to lose weight. It was fun working out today. :)