Wednesday, January 26, 2011


If you don't know, I am a huge coupon-ER . I love coupons and look for them everywhere. Constantly, I am saving money, but it doesn't feel like enough..

Drew and I are trying to get out of debt and couponing seems to help, but feels like it isnt enough. We don't even do anything on the weekends.. We never go out to eat or spend money just because.. 

It is frustrating that are student loan debt doesn't appear any smaller.. Sighs..
Anyways, I love coupons and suggest you start too.

A week ago my bill at Meijer came to $47.82 and the time I had coupons, it came to $11.18!!! 
Coupons help!! Go out there and coupon. Let me know if you have any regular sites you check.. 

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Andrew Storm said...

Your couponing is awesome! When we're debt free in three years (yes, ambitious, but it's attainable) it'll be in part because you're so sleek with finding good deals online!