Friday, December 31, 2010

Storm's 10 Top Favorite Moments in the Year 2010 and 10 Worst.. Let's Recap

I try to be a positive person, so let's start off with the good of 2010!

1) July 10, 2010- Marrying my best friend.

2)Graduating with my Master's Degree in Social Work, a long endeavor where I must thank friends and family for being so understanding during my hectic grad school career. I even had to miss a few weddings.. So thankful for such understanding friends..

3) Going on a fantastic Honeymoon

4) Living baby squirrels in my wall.

5) Running: This summer I was waking up running 6-10 miles a morning. Ran 9 miles on my wedding day.

6) So proud of my husband for winning an EMMY!!! Yes, a real Emmy.. Like the ones stars receive... How many people do you know that actually have one of these?? Some day we will own an entire shelf of awards Drew has earned.

7)Having my entire family at the Wedding.. This never happens with all the out of state family.. What a miracle!

8)Meeting my baby cousins Ridge and Kennedy.. Major blessing to my Aunt who has always wanted to be a mother and miscarried a set of twins two years prior. 
9) Receiving FREE tickets to Disney World. The simple things in life make me smile.. Did I mention FREE??

10) Buying our first Digital SLR camera. I have been waiting my entire life for this NIKON!! I love him... aka.. LUKE!

And the 10 moments I wish not to relive, but had  valuable lessons behind them.

1) My wedding dress did not fit six months before our wedding. Not because I gained weight, but because they made the ordered dress smaller then the one in the store. MAJOR  FREAK ATTACK

2)  Realizing I forgot to invite two important people to our wedding... and then trying to kiss butt on why I did such a horrible job at remembering them..

3) Pregnancy Scare when a certain friend was LATE!

4) Disney World's "Fantasia"- Enough said.

5) Being Insulted on my Wedding Day... 

6) First ER trip. Passing out at work.. Silly me..

7)  Receiving a $550 Medical Bill on Rehearsal Dinner Night

8) Wisdom Teeth Removal

9) Hitting my head on our book shelf and splitting my head open

10) Gaining the "Happy" pounds.

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