Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Many of the first's for the Storm Clan

 Christmas morning with Budderball. I gotta say, he is such a quiet dog. So happy he doesn't bark. Also, we don't have to feed him on a regular basis.

 Yoga Pretzels, so excited for this gift!!!!!!
Best stocking stuffer! Havent seen Diet Coke in my fride, ever! I never buy it, I am too cheap!! Such a luxury!!

Our First Christmas! Weird to think we have been married for five months now!!!!
Some days I wake up and cannot believe I am adult, who is married!! It is super crazy. I often wonder am I really doing this? Or is it a dream???? Do I really live with a boy?
Every Christmas morning since I can remember, I would get up and go look at the tree. Maybe it was because of all the wonderful presents or maybe it was the fact that I thought our tree looked so beautiful. Whatever the reason, I always felt a sense of wonder in looking at it. Christmas came this year in a different way. For the first time, I did not get up early to see what presents were under the tree. I did not go to wake up my sister . It was an odd sort of change. I am now a married adult. Weird. I will miss living at home and the traditions I started as a young child. However, I am excited to embark on new traditions for the Holidays filled with fond memories, love and laughter.

Christmas morning this year, I woke up to my best friend, partner and soul mate. We slept in, enjoyed the sleep and then opened gifts. I would say that I must work on stockings. I am not the best when it comes to filling a stocking and it definitely was not a strong suit of mine. So, now I have already started to get stocking stuffers for next year.  I failed in that department, but stay tune for next year!


KelseyJ said...

That dog looks even bigger next to Drew! haha

Looks like you had a fun day! We need to get together soon!!

Andrew Storm said...

ha... you definitely didn't fail with the stocking stuffers! everything was great :) here's to many many more Christmas mornings

Britt said...

I love your paragraph of disbelief! I have written the same paragraph a few times in my blog I'm sure! "Do I really live with a boy? Am I really doing this grown up married thing....?" Leaving my old traditions is really hard for me but making new traditions can be fun!