Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First Christmas

 Drew and I are celebrating our first Christmas together. It is very magical. One day I came home from work and Drew had bought this poinsettia. I tend to kill plants, but I was very excited nonetheless.

My wonderful Andrea made me this super de duper cute apron. I was so excited for it!! She did a great job! I love it and my quilt. I am so blessed to have such great friends!! 

We went to Drew's grandparents house for Christmas. They live in Cadillac, which is about 2hrs from GR. They have a decent amount of snowfall. It was very beautiful to see snow on the trees. We had a great time. Drew and I completed our collection of Home Improvement and Gilmore Girls. In addition, we now have an external hard drive to back up all our photos. I was very excited about this. It is always a worry to lose your precious photos and documents. 
As many of you know, in our apartment complex we are not allowed to have animals. I really want a dog super bad... So, I got a fake dog. This is "BudderBall" and he is from the Disney Movie " Santa Paws." I got him in the mail for FREE!! Drew and I always joke around about who is going to take Budderball to the bathroom or who is going to feed him. The dog next to budderball is my parents dog "Candy". I took a picture, so you can note the size of Budderball.. He is huge and I love him! Maybe someday we will get a dog!


KelseyJ said...

The dog cracks me up! :) Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!! I miss you, friend!

Britt said...

Love the Apron! The new background is very hard to read!!