Thursday, November 11, 2010

I know for sure..

I know for sure, that life in itself is a Miracle. Whether you were brought into this world on purpose or by "accident", you were no accident. Your life is a miracle and everyday you get to live the miracle whether good or bad. I don't know the life you live, but you are a miracle.

Everyone has a story and each story isn't the same. You were made with purpose, gifts, relationships and a story to tell. I believe each step in life, is a teaching moment. It is all about how we look at moments in life, which reflect our attitude and view on life. The hardest, most enduring trials in life, teach us the most valuable lessons. The past two weeks, I have been in a valley and I trying to figure out what I am being taught and how this is going to work out in the bigger picture of things. I am trying to figure how my valleys are teaching me about life..
I know for sure, I was made with a purpose and I am no accident.

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