Tuesday, November 2, 2010

1lb loss, Halloween and a Virus

Since I started the biggest loser challenge four weeks ago, I have lost 4.2lbs! I am thrilled about this.. Basically, a pound a week is what I am averaging, which is the healthy. Someone might size should not lose more than 1 or 2lbs a week. If you lose a lot of weight fast, you tend to put it on back quick. I happy with my weight loss! 


At school, we had a huge Halloween party. The kids had a blast, but I really hate that costumes are so scary now. Most of my kids were very scary things and I do not really like that.. Here is a my costume
My wonderful teacher and friend, Mrs. Russell (a.k.a tigger)
The other cat in the hat! Love Mrs. T!! So do the kiddo's!!

In celebrating Halloween, Drew and I carved pumpkins!

Finally, I had a virus on my computer, which is why I didnt update this weekend. We called best buy and it was going to cost us a large fortune, so my smart husband suggested we backup everything and kill the hard-drive. Well, he did just that and stayed up till 5am this morning to fix it! Love him! The virus is gone, my computer is back to normal, life is okay. He is my hero!

Brit if you are reading this, I cannot get on your blog anymore! :( Hook me up kid!


Britt said...

Sarah - I was reading!! I will hook you up right now!! I will send an e-mail to your e-mail....

now on to commenting on your post:
I love that you 2 did something to celebrate Halloween together - so far Nick and I have never been together for Halloween, nor do we ever do anything planned for holidays - just us.... although I always try... Nick's just not in to that..... kind of sad....

Unknown said...
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